The Magical Art and Illustration of Dee Rapposelli


Ornamental Art Dolls , Teddies, Elves, and the Like

Welcome to my needle felting and crochet creations. One of a kind and  available for sale in my LaMagaCrafts Etsy shop.   10% of each sale will go to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) or the Children's Defense Fund.  

Siren Song Series

Green Sea Fairy


Needle felting on crochet. Inspired by my fascination with sirens and mermaids.  $75,.View more images or Buy Now



Merry, voluptuous crocheted art doll named after the Celtic sea goddess Merielle, which means Shining Sea. Give her a shake and she rattles and jingles!  $130. View more images or Buy Now



Needle felting mobile. Sirena travels from the heights to the depths with her wings and fish tail. $56 . View more images or Buy Now

The Wicce of Once Upon


Needle felted music box figurine. This green-eyed fairy tale witch holds an apple and has cardinal bird and frog familiars. Her magic mirror and Hekate's key dangle from her belt.  Wind her up and she plays the comically macabre Funeral March of the Marionettes. $85. View more images or Buy Now.

Lotta Love Series

Frizzly Pip


Crocheted teddy bear with the sweetest cuddliest energy. Wind him up and he plays Lullaby.  $136. View more images or Buy Now